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Why can't Americans realize that they're being ruled by the Zionists and oil barons who oppress Palestinians and keep the Saudis in power?

And not only that, the US govt helped those people do 9/11 so then it'd have an excuse to empire over the Middle East and stick it to Iran.

The US must pay for its evil and crimes through Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey against Yemen and Palestine and Lebanon and Syria. Ahmadinejad was right, he called the US out for being the mastermind behind 9/11 and American diplomats didn't want to hear the truth and left the room.

I am Syrian. I am Christian Orthodox. I come from a village named Safita in the Valley of the Christians. I will never forget how Russia and Iran saved us from the Saudi and US and Israel backed monsters. I stand with Russia and Iran. Now. Forever.

Syria also must sue US, UK, Israel, Saudi barbaria, and Turkey for having their citizens come in to the Syria and acting as terrorists and killing Innocent Syrian kids.

Update 2: The punishment is for the Americans, Saudis, Israelis, British, and Turks, and it will be real.

Nuremberg 2.0 with Bush, Cheney, Bush, the Brits who supported Bush in Iraq, the land-stealing and bombing Zionists, the Saudi oil sheikhs....

Demilitarization of USA. Breakup of Israel. Destruction of evil empire of Saudi Arabia. Turkey apologizing and compensating to Kurds and Armenians.

Compensation from the US for everything.


America is not run by Americans, but by oil and Zionists, and the Zionists have only one interest and that is Israel, and their goals for Israel is not the one you see today(occupied Palestine) but one that covers half of middle east, and would sacrifice each and every one of you to achieve it. Seriously America when are you going to realise that?

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    Exactly, my friend. You are correct, the Jewish Zionists run America. They were behind 9/11 & they blamed Muslims for it. Just a lie and excuse to invade the middle east.

    The US is controlled by Israel, and the crimes against certain middle eastern countries were because of Jews. Then the Zionists Christian Americans and other Zionists blindy follow and send troops to war. They agree to send soldiers to war, cuz they believe Jews are "God's chosen people" what a lie. They are fake Jews, descendants of converts.

    I understand. I know the Jews are behind the majority of problems in the world.

    I'm Christian too, and I'm not a Zionist. Russia is doing the right thing, but the Jews despise a Christian nation.

    That won't work though. It's not the countries fault, because they are ruled over by Jews. They pull the strings in those nations.

    Those guys are Zionist puppets. Saudi Arabia's ruling family are Jews. They are not Arabs ruling that nation. Despite when Arabs form a majority there.

    The USA is Zionist runned, if the Jews stopped doing attacks on innocent people, that would be nice. They won't stop though. Turkey and Turkish Jews, should apologize to Armenians and Kurds.

    Most Americans will not realize that, since there are brainwashed by Jewish lies and Zionism. Luckily, they are Americans that know the truth. They are a minority, and hopefully more people wake up. May God bless you.

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      Contributor Cato's fantasy accusation against "Jewish Zionists" regarding 9/11 is an insult to the intelligence of Americans. By the way, the reader might be interested to know about the Palestinian joy regarding 9/11:

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    Hah, Hah, Hah....

    Poor Syrian, who call himself a Christian, and located in some village in Syria, not only has internet, but also time to spend on vocal war between Muslims and Jews....

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