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Between black male, white female and white male adolescents under the age of 8 that have leukemia, what percentage out of 100 is white male?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    usually it's 1 year olds, but they heal pretty fast. The response for leukemia is > 95% healing. The chemotherapy works pretty good being a detected leukemia and that not a slow growing tumor, e.g. lung or colon, those are really aggressive and nasty cancers as they grow really slow, so you can't target them with therapy. In fact most of them die, though they are caused by HPV (papillomavirus, sexually transmitted), and you can prevent them.

    Even nastier is ovarian and testicular cancer, those affect younger people and the people with it only have 5 max 6 years to live. Those are caused by all the hormonal crap they put in foods and some cosmetic agents (which I actually denounced with an article ;)). I think if you want to buy make up then professional make up artists are always best to consult as they know exactly was is the best product or like modelling agencies.

    Edit: they do, they heal pretty fast. I suppose that's an environmental cause, especially since there's no familiar history. I mean, I can't recall seeing any familiar history, but the response is quite good, some would heal after 1 year, some after 3 years, no relapses. Their immune system builds up as they are so young, so that also helps.

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