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FBI HRT Tactical Requirements, do I meet them?

Hello, I am currently serving in the Army as a 25U signal support specialist in an infantry battalion. I plan on getting out in roughly a year and a half. My goal is to get my bachelors in Criminal Justice apply for the FBI. I have aspirations of someday being on the Hostage Response Team. It says in their application process that a minimum of 3 years of Tactical experience is required. Would my Army experience in the Army meet that qualification, or would they over look that because im not an 11b?

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    A bachelor's in CJ is not acceptable to the FBI. You also need a minimum of 3 years working in your acceptable field such as law or accounting (the two best degrees for FBI)

    HRT is not a full-time assignment but just one part of an agents work. You would also have to be assigned to one of the 7 field offices that actually have HRT

    Infantry(11B) does not make it either for the 3 years.

  • 1. A CJ degree will not get you in the FBI. CJ degrees are the modern equivalent of "underwater basket weaving"

    2. By tactical experience they mean door kickers. Specifically SOF or civilian SWAT.

    Source(s): Me. Recently retired after 26 years in the US Army
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    Exactly what part of signal support is tactical Mr Brilliant? Seriously, I'd suggest you're a bloody good soldier, generally the stupid ones are.

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    Do you speak any languages fluently? If not, you can't be an agent.

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