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I Like A Girl But She Doesn t Go To My School Until Next Year?


I like this girl named Maddie and I don t know how to keep a good texting friendship with her until text year. I really like her and I text her a lot but I can t tell how she feels about me. What do I do to get to know her more and maybe even date her in high school.

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    5 years ago
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    This is what I dont understand about todays kids- you might send 20-50 texts a day to someone , consider them a friend but have probably never worked up the courage to talk to them in person. Have you ever heard of a telephone? How about getting on skype and having a video conference? last night I had a 90 minute Skype video chat with a mate who lives in Australia but here you have people in the next town who are lost about who to connect with someone. Am I missing something here? what happened to (even texting) "hey why dont we go to Wendy's/mcD's and have a burger"? Whats holding you up here dude? why do you have to wait until high school though you are texting like there's no tomorrow?

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