Zodiac Sign date question?

So there are new signs, my birthday is 3/11 so am I an Aquarius or Pisces?

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    No new signs.

    In SCIENCE, yes.

    In ASTROLOGY, no.

    We astrologers do NOT label the sky in the same way that the scientists do.

    What ASTROLOGERS call "0 degrees of Capricorn", the SCIENTIST call "4 degrees of Sagittarius"

    (each sign is 30 degrees wide, and when we talk about your "sign" what we are describing is where SUN is on your day of birth).

    So, for March 11th:

    (1) WESTERN astrology labels where the Sun is, as being 11 degrees of Pisces (roughly 1/3rd of the way through the "sign" of Pisces). Western astrology uses the "Tropical" zodiac system.

    (2) HINDU astrology labels where the Sun is, as being 27 degrees of Aquarius (right towards the end of the "sign" of Aquarius). Hindu/Vedic astrology uses the "Sidereal" zodiac system.

    (3) SCIENCE labels where the Sun is, as being 0 degrees of Pisces (right at the VERY beginning of where the "sign" of Pisces starts). This does not agree with EITHER of the astrological systems. And THIS is the zodiac system who changed their dates and added a new constellation into their zodiac.

    So .. for ASTROLOGY .. NOTHING has changed.

    Those who do not understand why these zodiac systems are the way they are .. like the reporter who first reported the changes .. make the mistake of thinking that things have changed in astrology.

    Not so.

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    You have the traits of a Pisces but if you add the thirteenth sign your an Aquarius. The thirteenth sign is a constellation but it is not an actual sign though. I'm forever an Aquarius and refuse to be called a Capricorn. 2/15

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