Daughter s in-laws are trying to take her daughter. What can she do?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The in-laws have no claim on her child unless they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your daughter is an unfit mother, unable to properly care for the child or is a danger to the child, and that there are no other options

    This would require a history of CPS being called against your daughter, medical reports showing your daughter has been abusive or negligent towards her child, police reports proving violence against the child or child abandonment, etc, etc

    Your daughter just needs to prove to the courts she is a responsible and loving mother, she is not on drugs nor are there any other drug users on the property, she feeds her child, she keeps her child and the home clean, there is nothing in the home that could be a danger to the child (drug paraphernalia, unlocked firearms, open flames, etc), and she is a loving mother . The in laws have no chance in hell of getting custody unless your daughter is actually unfit to care for her child

    Without knowing your daughter's situation it's impossible to say if they have a valid argument or not. If this is your daughter and she is having trouble, have your daughter and granddaughter move in with you and you take responsibility. The in-laws will have no chance of getting custody of your granddaughter if she is living with you already

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