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can you legally build certain cars from certain video games?

i meant as in build in the real world.

or are the cars protected by copyright?

cause i have a few cars i've thought about over the past few years that i want in real life.

all ill do is rename it and possible build custom engines/everyting for each car

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    Its not about copyright, it has to be road legal be able to pass an MOT if you are in the UK. But it has to be safe on the road you can't just build a car and have on the road. Build a lot of them and give them to the car safety industry and make them crash the car to see if its safe enough on the road then maybe ask an insurance company if they will be willing to insure the car price depends on how much parts for the vehicle cost and how hard it is to fix.

    But even at that the chances of you doing this are extremely slim unless you are some sort of millionaire.

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