What do doctors normally do during a check-up?

I was at work & this girl I work with was saying how her boyfriend never went to the doctor & he went & they found out he has stage 4 cancer & it's everywhere... in his liver, etc.

So now I'm scared b/c I haven't been in a long time & I don't have health insurance. What do they normally check for? I want to know everything...cholesterol levels, if I have cancer or skin cancer, anything/everything.

Do they just take a blood test? & they can find it all out with 1 blood test? Or do you have to go to a bunch of different specialists with the best technology to know?

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  • 3 years ago
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    During a check-up or physical your doctor and his staff will do the following: check your weight and height, take a blood test and sometimes a urine test, check your eyes, ears, nose and throat, feel along your jaw for swollen lymph nodes (a sign that you could be fighting an infection), take your temperature and check your blood pressure, use a stethoscope to check your lungs, heart and abdomen, check your reflexes (rubber hammer tapped gently on your knees and elbows) and check your feet and lower legs for swelling (can be a sign of heart or kidney problems). The doctor will also ask about your periods (if you're female and haven't hit menopause) and your bladder and bowel habits. The only cancers that can be diagnosed by blood tests are leukemia and lymphoma. Other methods are used to diagnose other cancers. There is no one test to clear you of all cancers.

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