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Can I practice putting an IV into myself?

I'm only 16 but I really want to be a trauma surgeon when I'm older. My mom has an old kit for testing blood sugar, so if I sterilize the needles can I stick one into my vein? Or is too dnagerous.

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    It is too dangerous. Blood sugar testing kits do not include syringes, but only lancets that are meant to prick the skin to provide a drop of blood. Insulin syringes are meant to give injections under the skin, not into the blood vessels. Accidentally introducing even a small amount of air into your blood vessels can be fatal. There is also the risk of infection that could become severe because you are introducing bacterial directly into the bloodstream. Don't worry, you will have plenty of practice in medical school, where you will have to practice on each other.

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    That's a very bad idea. You won't learn anything meaningful. You'll poke yourself, and you'll bleed. That won't help you.

    If you show up at a med school interview and announce that you practiced placing an IV on yourself until you can do it perfectly, they will not be impressed. They will make your application "impulsive with poor judgement. DNA."

    DNA = do not admit.

    If you want to practice something, learn organic chemistry and biochemistry. Coursera has good courses that are free.

    If you insist on doing something with your hands, learn to tie a surgeon's knot with one hand. That won't get you into medical school. Knowing orgo and biochem will.

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