Could you have a concussion without pupil symptoms?

I hit my head terribly hard this morning on the corner of the sink. I thought I was going to pass out but didn't. I felt a little out of it and nauseous but I went to work anyway. Around the 7th hour I started getting a headache, more difficulty concentrating, more nausea, and weakness and slight light headedness. Also I became very irritated and upset and almost quit my job (of almost 3 years) which is not like me. But my pupils are fine. It's also very hot out so I'm just not sure if I should go home and rest or go to urgent care. My copay is very expensive so if I can rule a concussion out id rather rest.

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  • 4 years ago
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    A concussion is not one entity but a whole continuum; it would be easier if you looked them up as its pretty extensive. And yes, pupillary findings usually indicate things other than a mild concussion such as a bleed, or a brain herniation. Concussion is a medical diagnosis usually, bleeds and other things is made via CT and exam.

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