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I honestly admire Elliot Rodger, is this a bad thing?

Hello my name is Topher. I'm a sophomore at a UC that I will not specifically name for safety reasons. I have only had 3 girlfriends in my lifetime but those girls just wanted my belongings. I'll be 20 years old in November and ever since I was in 6th grade I've had trouble getting a girlfriend. It seems that around the time we all hit puberty girls have become picky with the type of guys they'll go out with. I'm relatively attractive, I have a perfect facial structure with light brown hair that I style with expensive hair products. I have the newest iPhone, I have an Apple Watch, I have a BMW, I have nice clothes and a good amount of money to compliment a girls expensive tastes. Yet for some reason girls are always dating losers who are broke and treat them poorly. I overheard a guy calling his girlfriend his *****. He should never call a lady a *****. I'm a gentleman but yet girls don't like. Now before you say that I've never talked to girls I actually have talked to girls and have always been rejected. I talked confidently to girls, telling myself that she will definitely give me her number. I see happy couples at my college and I want to kill them. I hate them so much that I want to ruin their happiness and kill them all. I know how Elliot felt and I guess be used we in a way are the same I admire him so much. Is this a bad thing?

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    Most girls will probably think you are too vain, self centered and too focused on money.

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