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Blue Jay asked in SportsHockey · 4 years ago

Who is worse to listen to, Pierre Mcguire Or Glenn Healy?

2 Answers

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    McGuire, mostly because his thing is now to NEVER SHUT UP. Healy, who has thankfully been sacked, doesn't talk as much (instead we get the verbal dumpster fire of Jim Hughson (who looks like he should be in a ***** pill commercial) and Craig Simpson). McGuire...when SN/TSN shows a game using NBC's feed...will not shut up.

    No, really, spend 10 minutes talking about how Logan Track McSlobberface grew up in some godforsaken hellscape outside of Pittsburgh or Cleveland and played for some USHL team that I'm convinced he made up.

    Healy is an idiot, but McGuire is not only an idiot, is a proud idiot and seems to take pride in getting fit for a dunce cap that he can wear proudly. I want Montreal to hire him as their GM.

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  • Deano
    Lv 7
    4 years ago


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