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Windows 10 booted first thing this morning with no programs,devices, or settings. No messages. Reboot, shows all. Stable?

Unit has only been in service for 30 days. Windows installed on an SSD. Are there boot logs I can look at?

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    On occasion, all computers will do strange things when booting up. Booting up once with nothing showing, but then a reboot is perfectly fine, is not unusual. It happens to new as well as old computers. You don't have to worry until this becomes a common occurrence.

  • Yami
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    3 years ago

    Could have just been a software glitch. Check for windows updates and then do a scan with malwarebytes as a precaution

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  • 3 years ago

    Press Win+R

    Type msconfig and press enter

    on the boot tab enable boot log

    for the next time search for the ntbtlog.txt on c:\windows folder

    or boot.log let me check it out...

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    • MM3 years agoReport

      I saw you answered my question and I wanted to do something for you bro :-)

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