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This might be a stupid question but... If The Joker's hair turned green after he fell in the chemicals why didn't Harley Quinn's?

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  • dada
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    4 years ago
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    if you're talking about the movie suicide squad that came out recently, the joker's hair was already green before he jumped. In the scene, Harley was told to jump into the chemicals as a leap of faith - to prove she was loyal and crazy enough for the joker. Harley Queen's origin in suicide squad follows her comic book origins a little bit more. She was assigned as a psychiatrist to the Joker but she ended up falling in love with him, the joker manipulating her with honeyed tales and manipulating her emotions. He convinces her to smuggle machine guns for him and his crew and midway through his escape, she has a change of heart. The joker straps her into a restrained chair and uses shock therapy to make her crazy like him

    Comic book Joker shows that he fell into a chemical vat during a failed robbery. The Joker used to be a normal guy with a pregnant wife. He was a failed comedian and desperately needed money to support his wife so he agreed to help a gang rob a chemical company he used to work at (though his pregnant wife dies anyways). He masquerades as the red hood but Batman shows up and in his panic to escape, he falls into the vat and is washed out with green hair and white skin and a sense of craziness.

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  • 4 years ago

    Perhaps the chemicals that Harley was pushed into weren't as strong as the ones that the Joker fell into.

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