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Who gets the better trade? DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant, and Vincent Jackson for Antonio Brown?

1. I'd have to drop two players

2. I think Hopkins will see less targets than last year with Lamar Miller and Will Fuller

3. Antonio Brown may not perform well if Big Ben gets injured

My roster:

QB - Blake Bortles

WR - Antonio Brown

WR - Michael Floyd

RB - Eddie Lacy

RB - Jeremy Hill

TE - Antonio Gates

Flex - Spencer Ware

K - Stephen Gostkowski

Def - Steelers

Bench - Jay Ajayi, Will Fuller, Markus Wheaton, Devonate Booker, Jerick McKinnon, Dak Prescot

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    Big Ben hardly ever gets injured,but it's a reasonable trade if you want to do it..

    I would haggle to try to upgrade a RB.

    Like,offer Brown + Lacy FOR Hopkins + Dez + opponent's RB1.

    Lacy is a scary RB1,he has not shown much since his rookie season.

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  • Jerry
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    4 years ago

    1) So drop Ajayi and Wheaton

    2) Probably true, and he's still being drafted top 10 overall

    3) You could make the same argument that has already happened to Dez with Romo, which is likely the only reason you have this offer.

    I think getting two top 12 players for #1 overall is a good deal.

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