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If I accidently made a yahoo account on another yahoo portal?

Like on the UK site for example. Do I gotta make a new one on the USA site or can I change it through some settings?


I mainly use yahoo for yahoo answers.

Update 2:

I never heard of Yahoo Somalia

Update 3:

Yeah but it keeps taking me to the UK site. I got no problem with it but while I'm living in the US I'd like to be taken to the US site.

Update 4:

Also daniel I wasn't talking just about yahoo answers. I was talking about all of yahoo in general.

Update 5:

I didn't know who to give best answer between Barkley Hound or Hope this helps so I just chose randomly.

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    You can get your email box in a different language format, but changing your location in Preferences won't solve your issue. Used to could but not for many years.

    Sorry but you'll also be stuck with appearing on the UK leaderboards, if that's your goal.

    You'll have to make a new account, because the terms* you agreed to is a legally binding contract (so they say) and it can no longer be changed to another country portal.

    *Yes, the UK is the birthplace of the Bill of Rights - the Magna Carta. And yes, they agreed to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (as did 73 other signatories) but with caveats - The Yahoo Terms of Service agreements are basically the same for all portals but the UK has an entrenched libel lawyering industry.

    OK, kids, that'd be your civic lesson for today.

  • Joe
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    4 years ago

    I made mine on Yahoo Somalia using 3g usb modem!!

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    All new Yahoo account email addresses now end in There are no new international domains. I would assume you can sign up for the account anywhere,

    You can change the country under account Info > preferences under the gear.

  • 4 years ago

    oh you mean like uk users who use yahoo canada!

    yes there is a setting on the mobile setting to change regions

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    dude US and Uk have merged into one YA

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