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Were the Police Keeping Tabs on Me?

I filed a police misconduct complaint against the policeman who arrested me. The situation got in my town newspaper and was front page with my picture for 2 weeks.

I went to the town carnival today. The arresting officer walked by me and didn't look. The chief was behind him walking slowly and looking at me.

When my friend and I sat down to eat 2 other officers sat down behind us. Close enough to hear what we were saying.

Soon after I got home a police car drove by my home.

Are these coincidences or are the police mad and keeping tabs on me since my arrest made front page news?

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    Probably because they like to harass people who have grievance with one of their co workers. Just be aware of your surroundings because they might start put you under gang stalking surveillance and if you start having complete strangers following and harassingyou then record them to keep details so people can not call you paranoid. Law enforcement and others gang stalk people they don't like a lot to try to run them out of their local area, have the person who is referred to has a targeted individual snap to become violent towards other to put them in jail, snap until the targeted individual is put in a mental home or cause suicidal tendencies so the target kills themselves eventually. To understand how gang stalking there is propaganda movies like The Game starring Michael Douglas, The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey, Enemy of the State starring Will Smith, Conspiracy Theory starring Mel Gibson, etc... so you know what to look for. The only thing is sometimes it's patrol vehicles too.

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    Police are dodgy as **** mate. If they cant get you one way they will try and get you another. Make sure you are 100% legit at all times until the heat dies down.

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    NO. If they were out to get you, they would have made is extremely clear.

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