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VFR not available at night?

If u sont know how to use VOR and the plane doesnt have GPS, are you not allowed to fly at night?

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    in many countries night vfr is not permitted. some people claim there is no such thing as night vfr anyway. they may have a point...

    in those that permit it, you plan your flight around visible landmarks and, yes, radio and gps navigation. you plan cross-country flights a lot like ifr flights, flying high enough that you won't run in to terrain that you can't see. like ifr flights, your charts must be current. you will find ifr charts useful. many people view night vfr as a stepping stone to an instrument rating.

    you never, *ever*, descend if you don't know what's underneath you.

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    In the US, VFR is permitted at night - I've been flying since 1988 and roughly 25% of my time is night VFR. You do not need GPS, and a VOR is only required in class b airspace.

    People who have not flown at night have this strange notion that you can't see nght. That's completely false - some landmarks are much more easily seen at night. For example, TV/Radio towers can be hard to see during the day, on a clear night you can often see them from 40 miles or more. It can be easier to see the rotating beacon of a small airport at night than to see the airport from the same distance during the day. You just learn to use different landmarks at night.

    There are a couple of hazards flying VFR at night - the biggest is that you might not be able to see weather until you are already in it, so you do not attempt "scud running" at all. When flying single engine, the concern is a forced landing at night - you are taught to pick an area with no lights as your landing spot, since lights mean people and or buildings.

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      Americans have to learn that what is permitted by FAA regulations is NOT ALWAYS applicable to other countries -

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    In the US you certainly CAN fly VFR at night as long as you are night current. VFR means VISUAL FLIGHT RULES - VOR and GPS is a nav aid and not required when you are visually navigating! They do make the navigation much easier but they are not required. You should be able to navigate by using a compass, waypoints, and your eyes. I find it easy on a clear night, you can see the lights of the cities very easily and they conform to the outlines on VFR CHARTS! (charts are required unless you can prove you know how to navigate without them).

    Some countries do indeed not allow VFR at night.

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    Night cross country VFR flights are not authorized in many countries -

    You must file IFR flight plan and be qualified to operate at night -

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    When you make statements concerning rules you should post the regulation that supports your statement. In addition, this is YAHOO answers. You have not asked a question as required by the Terms of Service and abuse policy. I understand that you are a troll. Trolls should stay in politics where they are tolerated.

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      Oh! I hold a commercial pilots certificate ASMEL with instrument rating. Also hold a CFI ASEL

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