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Penny has 5 children The 1st is named January 2nd kid is February Her 3rd is called March 4th is April What is the name of the 5th.?

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    The 5 Kids






    why what, because the 5th has no question mark which means:

    (What) is the name of the 5th

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    You told the riddle backward. It's supposed to be "Penny's mother has 5 children. Four are named January, February, March, and April. What's the name of the fifth child?"

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    This one riddle told two ways. One correct and one incorrect. Take your pick. It can be written as Penny s Mother has 5 children...Jan...Feb...Mar...April...what s the name of the 5th? In this case the 5th child can only be Penny. The riddle can also be written as "Penny has 5 children.Jan...Feb...Mar..April..... What is the name of the 5th. In this case the name What is given to the 5th child. The beauty of this riddle is it is still a witty one either way it is told.

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    It's NOT Penny's mother has 5 children....... Penny is the mom! The last sentence where it says "What is the 5th child?" is not suppose to have a question mark because it's not a question, it's actually the answer! It goes "WHAT is the 5th child"

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    The word WHAT is the name of the 5th child. So it would go:

    1st child - January

    2nd child - February

    3rd child - March

    4th child - April

    5th child - What

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    What. That is the name of the 5th child. There is no question mark at the end of the last statement which makes the word what the child's name instead of a question.

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    Her 5 kids






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