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Sex is just sex to men?

So whats up with this bullshit excuse I keep hearing around yahoo answers where "sex is just sex to men" and that they have no emotion toward sex and how its just like a sport to them like football or tennis?

I have never heard of anything dumber than that. Must be nice for guys to go around proclaiming that they have no emotional response in their di*k like a caveman and blame it on "just being a man". I keep seeing this in answers ranging from marital affairs, threesomes, to a host of other relationship questions.

What the f*ck? This rumor is horrible and needs to stop.

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    No, sex therapists tell us that men actually engage in sex as an emotional outlet, not just a physical one. There have even been guys on YA who have stated that sex is more special with a caring partner. I think our society promotes the idea that it is just sex, just as it has mentally conditioned them to talk about women "putting out." I don't "put out ." I make love with a caring and considerate man. I think it is also the same macho mentality that tells some men that wonen aren't really interested in sex and that if they do have sex it's just to please their man.

    Some women even believe this. They believe that they are being used for sex and let men satisfy their urges while not having their own satisfied. Communication is so important. We all deserve the best sexual experience.

    Sex is not just sex to men.

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    You can't stop a rumour and I think sadly there are enough guys who are like that to keep the rumour going

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