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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicOther - Music · 4 years ago

I laugh when some people say: "Sinatra's singing was flat" and the examples they use are New York, New York. They don't know the best Frank?

It seems that may people only know the Frank Sinatra of the late 60s, 70s, 80s and Duets albums, where his voice were very deteriotared and his pitch wasn't so good and he was constantly out of key. But when knows Sinatra's in his Capitol years, from 1954 to 1960 principally, knows that these people have lack of knowing. Sinatra' voice in that time was beatiful, warm, miraculous, fresh and relaxing in swing, dense and deep in torch songs, and he could transmit emotions like no one else! Albums like In The Wee Small Hours, Only The Lonely, Where Are You?, No One Cares are albums with some of the best performances in history, Sinatra's voice never was more deep, beatiful and he never was more hearted than in these albums. Nice 'N' Easy and his swing albums also shows an artist confident in his singing, perfect in every sense and a pleasure to ear. Even till the mid-60s Sinatra was great, like September Of My Years, where his was less than before, but he still had great pitch, there was still some beauty in voice and MANY feeling. Sinatra is always remembered in every list with singers with perfect pitch. His technique was more than some people think that was, listen to songs like "I Have Dreamed", "O'l Man River", "Bewitched" and Soliloquy of the album The Concert Sinatra. His voice in Soliloquy isn't so beautiful, but his rendition is impressive and with a extremely hard difficulty level. Same thing for the other songs, like O'l Man River.


You have all the rights to don't consider Sinatra the best of all time, but he is a legend, considered by almost all people one of the greatest singers in history, he had an unique, fascinating and inimitabile style and nobody will change this.

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    Most people are like most critics. A performer is only as good as their last BAD performance. People always remember the live New York Special wherehe was just a bit flat, rather than the radio years, and the war years where his music was #1.

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