My computer screen went blank?

I left my computer to boot up. When I returned the screen was black. There was no wall paper and the only icon up was the recycle bin. I shut the computer off and restarted. Fortunately everything came back up and ran normally. My question is if this is a sign that something is going wrong, or the machine may be infected with something. Thanks in advance for your help.


To clarify the screen went black, not just blank.

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  • 4 years ago

    This sounds like you are suffering from a common infection that is found on most PCs. The infection is called Windows, and it is renowned for doing strange random things from time to time. In many cases the problem is cured simply by doing a restart of the PC. In other case, Windows may randomly change settings all by itself, which do not get corrected by a simple restart. I suspect the problems arise as the order that various processes start up can vary depending on just when a particular process is selected for starting based on the hardware clock. The clock will tick at a specific rate, but the time you hit the power button, and the actual rotation of a hard disk drive are not synchronised to the clock so there is a random delay between the clock and the other events. This means that various processes may interact with each other in random ways depending on the times at which they get started.

    In Windows 8.1 and 10 (I'm not sure about Windows 8), there is a feature called Fast Start-up. This works by hibernating the Windows kernel rather than shutting it down when you shut down your PC. When the computer is powered on again, the kernel is loaded from its hibernated image rather than doing a full clean start up. If loading the kernel image has a problem, then the kernel may not run properly and this can cause random effects to persist. If you perform a restart rather than a normal shut down and power up, then the kernel is always closed down and reloaded from scratch.

    Personally I have disabled fast start-up on all my Windows 8.1 and 10 PCs. It seems to make only a small improvement to start up times, but significantly extends shut down times. In the case of shut down, without fast start-up, the computer powers down within 2 seconds of the screen going blank. With fast start-up enabled, the computer may carry on running for 30 seconds or longer after the screen goes blank.

    To view or change the fast start-up settings, hold the Windows key and hit X, then release the Windows key and hit O (the letter, not zero), then select the option to choose what the power buttons do. The fast start-up option is near the bottom of the screen. If you wish to change it, you have to click on the "Change settings that are currently unavailable" link near the top of the screen.

    I don't think it is likely to be anything serious as I have seen a similar set of symptoms myself when I first got a Windows 10 system.

    I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Probably went into some kind of power saving mode. Could even have been an update finishing.

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