What would you do in this situation?

You revealed the truth about Hilary Clinton and ultimately ruined her whole campaign and then she gives you a glass of water but it's secretly poisoned

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  • 3 years ago
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    Well not drink it maybe?- However the Clintons handle things like this:

    John Ashe

    Former United Nations General Assembly President

    Died: June 22, 2016

    Initially reported as having died from a heart attack, John's throat had obviously been crushed. At that point the official story changed to him accidentally dropping a barbell on his own throat (the plot line from the episode "An Exercise in Fatality" from the TV series "Columbo.") crushing his larynx.

    Ashe was about to begin trial for a bribery charge involving Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng, who had been implicated but not charged in the 1996 "China-gate" scandal for funneling illegal donations to Bill Clinton's re-election fund through Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Trie. Ashe was supposed to testify about Hillary's links to Ng Lap Seng later the same day he died.

    Gandy Baugh

    Attorney representing Mr. Lassater in a case concerning alleged financial misconduct.

    Died: January 8, 1994

    Died in an alleged suicide by jumping out of a window of a multi-story building. - Mr. Lassater was a close associate of Gov. Clinton, and was later indicted on drug related charges, among other things. Baugh's law partner was "suicided" one month later on February 9, 1994.

    Ron Brown

    Former Chairman, DNC; Commerce Secretary

    Died: May 3, 1996

    Ron Brown died along with 39 other people when the T-43 (a converted 737 used by the Air Force) carrying the group on a trip to Bosnia crashed while approaching the Dubrovnik airport. On the verge of being indicted and having stated publicly his willingness to make a deal with prosecutors, Ron Brown's death brought to an end his ability to testify. The very next day, Ron Brown's personal lawyer was murdered in a drive-by shooting. A few days later, the Air Traffic Controller who had been in charge during the aircraft crash was found dead and declared a suicide.

    On leaving Ron Brown's funeral, President Bill Clinton was seen laughing and joking ... until he saw the camera, then he went into his sad act!

    Read more: THE CLINTON BODY-COUNT | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/...

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    not drink the water.

    i would never be that close to her for her to give me a glass of water.

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  • 3 years ago

    not amurican

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