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Should I have given my first girlfriend one last chance?

I was thinking about her today (after having heard Taylor Swift's "White Horse"). What happened was that she said she wanted to break up with me because I was too clingy. That she was feeling suffocated and that she could see us going down the road she and her ex-boyfriend took. It turns out it was all a lie. She was so confused about her feelings for both of us and she wanted to see if he would take her back. I let her go. Just as long as she came back to me, I said. She said she would. Nope. When her ex rebuffed her, instead of coming back to me, she dated another dude. Okay, fine. I waited until she came to her senses. She finally did, but after we got back together again, nothing was ever the same. We were constantly fighting and I had just had enough of it. I broke it off (on Valentines Day, no less).

Should I have given her one last chance (what with the constant fighting and all)? Sometimes I wonder where we would be now had I not broken up with her. I'd probably be married now just like my friends who are getting engaged and married and having kids left and right.

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  • IRP
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    4 years ago
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    No. You did give her one more chance and it didnt work out. Its simple as that. Think of it this way. What if you got married and kept on fighting and got a divorce because both of you were miserable. Everything happens for a reason. Dont dwell on 'what ifs' because if we do that we will go crazy. Move forward. Make new friends and be patient. You will find that special someone and then you will realise that breaking up with your first girlfriend led you to this. Everything will eventually make sense.

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  • 4 years ago

    Sounds like she didn't know exactly what she wanted at the time. She went back with her ex, and then with another guy, and finally you? Maybe she wanted to explore more. Either way, the relationship probably would've ended eventually with all the arguments.

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  • 4 years ago

    I mean all the arguing isnt healthy and would of kept getting worse. Maybe this time apart is what you guys need. Who knows, if you guys truly loved eachother you can both rekindle the relationship in the future

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