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Is taking antibiotics from time to time just to kill bacteria good for the body?

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    No. It is not.

    The human body has ten times more bacterial cells on it and in it than body cells. That is normal. Kill off the bacteria on your skin and in your gut and all that happens is (a) you function less well and (b) you become overridden with fungal infection.

    Antibiotics must be used as prescribed and must be used beyond the period of apparent illness. The problems are when people stop taking antibiotics prematurely. When symptoms have apparently ceased. At this stage, the infection might be 99.9% cleared: however that 0.1% represents bacteria that are most-resistant/least-suscpetible to the antibiotic in question. Those bacteria remaining then flourish and also happen to have an innate resistance to the common antibiotics.

    In the same way, obsessive hand-washing & use of anti-bacterial soaps is not a bood policy as it only serves to promote the growth and establishment of bacteria that are resistant to the common bacteriostatic agents.

    A healthy & naturally dirty existence is in many ways the best choice. You'll rarely find a farmer's son or daughter that is sickly or has ridiculous allergies since they live their lives surrounded by pathogens and develp innate immunity to these trivial threats.

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    No- quite the opposite, in fact.

    Antibiotics are useful to clear out established infections, if they are targeted to the bacteria causing (or likely to be causing) the infection and used appropriately. Using them at random isn't going to be of any benefit for a few reasons.

    For one thing, they can disrupt the normal bacterial flora in the body, particularly in the gut, which can cause diarrhoea and other symptoms, which are sometimes harmful- in some cases, they even let dangerous bacteria like Clostridium Difficile start growing inside the colon without competition. Random use of antibiotics can also lead to bacteria becoming resistant.

    On top of all that, when the antibiotics are stopped, bacteria re-colonise the body quickly, so this wouldn't protect you from infection at all.

    Basically, this is a terrible idea. Antibiotics are very useful for clearing out established infection, but should only be used when there is an infection actually there.

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    No, not at all. You live with - and NEED - many bacterial species in your body (especially in your colon). Antibiotics upset the natural distribution of these bacteria and can sometimes cause illness from this effect. If you have an infection that is causing disease then you have no choice. But taking antibiotics periodically with the idea of "preventing" infections is a flawed and risky idea.

    Look up the "microbiome" to see how important bacteria are for your health.

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    what the f*ck gave you this idiotic idea

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