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“In the castle, Queen Althaea prodded the fire with her toe, scattering the last ashes.?

This portion shows up in the book :"Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths" Atlanta chapter. Anyone know the purpose and meaning of it ? I think this portion is made up by author and is not related to the story.

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    4 years ago
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    Meleager was the son of Althaea. At his birth the Fates appeared and decreed he would live until the brand on the hearth was fully consumed. Althaea put out the brand and hid it. Years later, Meleager helped Atalanta kill the Calydonian Boar and gave the skin to Atalanta. This angered his uncles, Althaea's brothers, who stole it from her. This in turn angered Meleager who killed them. Althaea, angered at the murder of her brothers, retrieved the brand and burned it, killing Meleager.

    "A man with any sense

          should recognize these things,

          once he recalls Althaea,

          ruthless child of Thestius,

          who planned her own son’s ruin.

          She burned the fatal torch,

          knowing that Meleager’s life,

          from the time he first appeared

          howling from his mother’s womb,

          depended on that wood.

          And so it was—he stayed alive

          until her fire doomed him."

    -- Aeschylus 'The Libation Bearers' 602-611

    The bit you ask about seems to be embellishment.

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    • mwang3914 years agoReport

      I understand that a high school level mythology book might be a simple or abbreviated version of Greek myth, but there should not be any contents that added into it which doesn't belong to original. There are much more twisted story portion in that particular book and, unfortunately...

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