is g2a legit?

I'm thinking of buying elder scrolls online but I've never used the website before. Is it trustworthy?

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  • 4 years ago
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    G2A is a known "Key Reseller" site with a VERY CHECKERED RECORD...

    While it's geared to allow users to sell unused Steam Keys (as you got a spare key from a bundle) at lower than retail price... It's reputation has fallen into a "Clearing House for potentially stolen keys", as anybody (being a legitimate user OR a hacker that's exploiting a publisher / developer) can post a listing for a game. For the scammers, they're trying to quickly pawn off their ill-gotten keys before the publisher / developer / storefront finds out & revoke said keys.

    It's because of the scammers is where G2A gets a bad reputation because a legitimate buyer gets & redeems a key from a scammer before the publisher / developer / storefront contacts Steam to revoke the keys. Since the buyer has no idea where the sell obtained the key from, they're the ones that eventually get stiff in the process as the scammer already has the cash & G2A doesn't provide any protection... until recently.

    G2A has added "G2A Shield" services (1 Euro per individual purchase OR 1 Euro / month subscription... site does doesn't actively convert it into US funds), which is effectively a "Purchase Protection" deal where they guarantee that the key is coming from a legitimate source (but ONLY if you pay for this) & "G2A Direct" where you can purchase keys directly from the game publisher / developer.

    However, despite these measures, the damage to it's reputation is already done & still has a notoriety issue that it may never recover from. As a result: PURCHASE FROM G2A AT YOUR OWN FISCAL RISK!

    Purchasing from Steam directly is always a safe bet, since it's the major digital distribution platform. Humble Bundle is also a great place to purchase games from as their bundles are usually a steal (90 - 98% off the combined retail with their "name your price" bundles). is good for older games & if you're not a fan of DRM measures.

    Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Not entirely, it has been known to not only scam customers but also sell stolen keys. I would avoid it if I was you, stick to Steam or Humble Bundle

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