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Why would someone choose a .45 acp when a 9mm is just as goo and can get the job done?

Ok so 9mm is just alittle bit smaller than .45acp. The only thing better is that the .45 aco is just a little bit bigger. Wouldnt you rather have a 9mm with more rounds?

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    any size round can get the job done, but personally I prefer something that has the power to get the job done even if the impact is not where I intended it to be.

    FBI statistics show that the average number of rounds fired in a gun fight is 3 that means the total is 3, so having lots of rounds is not usually necessary and since most gun fights are inside of 7 feet, I think I can be effective with one or two rounds, and the 9 does not always stop someone at least not fast enough to keep them from hurting or killing you.

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    Why do you need to ask this? You're smart enough to answer this by yourself!

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