Its about PS4 region and the games region compatibility.?

Okay I have bought the Region 2 PS4 and I plan to buy the collector's edition of Attack on Titan game (A.O.T) that has PEGI label written on it :

1. Does region 2 including Europe or Japan or both? Because every time i turn on my PS4 on my TV there this something about health warning written in full Japanese language instead of English language.

2. Can I play the (A.O.T) game on my region 2 PS4? Especially when I want to download the game's DLCs (the codes which can access me to the DLCs) that I get along with purchasing the game, are there any constraints?

3. If there is do I need to create the other account? If so which account, either Japan or Europe account? Because I choose Asia (Malaysia) country in my current PSN account.

4. After I create either one of those 2 accounts mentioned earlier,do I need to stay in that account and then I can download all of the DLCs mentioned earlier?

5. After i have downloaded all of the DLCs, can I change my Europe or Japan account into my Asia account? After that, do all my DLCs still remained when i log in into my Asia account and play them?

Thank you soo much for your reply. :-)..

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  • Raditz
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    4 years ago
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    1. Region 2 is both JP and Europe, but each got different stores, contents, & IDs. If you want to know which ones which, you can look the rating system. Region 2 EUR uses PEGI, while Region 2 JP uses CERO.

    2.I f you bought the game physically, then yes,, you can play it on your PS4, since it's a region free machine. But if you want to use the codes that comes with it or you want to buy DLCs, then you must use the PSN ID from it's appropriate region, since most of digital contents were region-specific.

    3. Again, it depends on the game version that you bought. You could check the game's case/manuals/codes for the appropriate region.

    4 &5. Yes, you MUST use that account for downloading the contents. After that, you can use your other account to play it, since all the DLC data is stored on your PS4, not the ID.

    I myself got 4 PSN IDs where I use it regularly: Region 1 (North America), Region 2 (Japan), and 2 Region 3 (HK & SEA).

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