I'm very new to cars? Which would I like?

Some day I might want to drive for myself and I know very little about cars and I was wondering what would be great as a first car? I've always like the 1970s mustang or camaro pretty much a muscle car in general but they're damn expensive lol. i guess that's like my dream car. Also my father says they are polluters and not very reliable. Are there modern muscle cars? I'm pretty sure they're all super expensive though. My price range would be like 10k max lol. Or should I just stick to a reliable cheap car.

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  • 4 years ago
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    If I had a dollar for every kid who wanted a classic muscle car for a first car, I could buy a 1964 Royal Bobcat GTO fully restored, insure it and put Gas Tires and Oil in it for a decade.

    Your first car is going to get very beat up and statistics tell us that it has an excellent chance of being wrecked. Mine was. Two accidents - a 1963 "Chevy II" station wagon. Some drugged out chick driving her boyfriends Charger (a 1969 I believe - yellow) hit me at a light. I didn't have the sense or experience to be on the lookout for people running red lights.

    These days no one (NO ONE!) drives classic muscle cars as daily drivers. I don't. I have a 1971 GTO. For one thing, the classic car people will get angry at you for doing so. They treasure these cars, all of them and they are getting more and more scarce. I drive a 2013 Hundai as a daily driver.

    You are probably angry at me and my answer by now but in the off chance that you aren't, you need to take into consideration that the purchase price of a car is only a fraction of the total cost. Insurance is very expensive for new drivers.

    I drove an "S Series" Saturn for many years. Excellent cars. No sex appeal and not a muscle car but it got 35 mpg and was very reliable. You just need to make sure the timing chain tensioner and guides are not worn out and do regular oil changes. I got more than 300,000 miles out of my SLII before a middle aged woman on a cell phone crashed into the back of it.

    Muscle cars of any era are not good for young drivers. I saw kids killed by these things back in high school (the 1970's) on a regular basis. Most of the time it was the girlfriend, in the passenger seat (the "death seat") who got killed when her motorhead boyfriend took a left too fast and skidded into an immovable object.

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      OK my dad says the same thing. Good info you made me realise that the smart choice would be to get a reliable cheap car that I'm not afraid to get into an accident.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you answered your own question - buy a decent used vehicle, after having a mechanic do an inspection of it, and if you can save enough $$, then a 60's vehicle may be w/in your reach

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      Lol you make it sound easy but thank you.

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