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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 4 years ago

Is it ok to spank a dog, not hard, just a little?

My dog is really disobedient, and I've been wondering about this lately. She's just a puppy. So I figure it's better to do it now. I'd never hit her hard, just like a slap on the thigh.


Wow, some of you people are real d|ckheads, like high horse Amos over here. Spanking a puppy is not abuse. I know because I'm a lawyer. Just like spanking a child is not abuse either. Let me ask you, did you give my dog a home? Did you take care of her when she was sick? They were going to put her down before I adopted her because of her illness you jack***! And I didn't spank her, I was just asking about it because I wasn't sure.

Update 2:

Ok, so a lot of you ask to know the specific problems. Here they are: She doesn't ever come to me when I try to get her to come here. She thinks it's a game of tag or something and she'll come just close enough then run away as soon as I go near her and wait for me to chase her and run away again. She goes to my bed to pee all the time even though she knows how to use the doggy door and I always rush her outside as soon as she pees inside. She barks sometimes at night. She attacks my girlfriend.

Update 3:

Jeezus F-ing Christ! I haven't spanked her. Can you people read? I was asking about it! So that's obviously not the reason she won't come.

Update 4:

And yes, I have tried lead her outside to pee, then rewarding her. She does pee and poop outside. For some reason she also pees on my bed. I think it might be because my bed feels like her old training pads. But she also does when she gets excited. God dam, you people are such pretentious *******. You don't give two shyts about my problems or my dog, at least not enough to go beyond your selective reading just so you can get a high off sitting on your high horse. Dunno why I bothered.

Update 5:

Of all who answered, only a fraction ACTUALLY READ what I said, instead of assuming the exact opposite of what I said. I'm a first-time dog owner. I've looked online and found conflicting answers. That's why I wanted to get an outside opinion. Instead I get harassed by people who clearly are only pretending to give a F! You think my dog would be better w/o me b/c I asked this quesiton? I adopted my dog because she was dying, and if I hadn't paid for her treatment, they would have put her down.

Update 6:

Yes, I don't know what I'm doing. I've never owned a dog. But even still, I've done a he|| of a lot more for her than ANY OF YOU disgustingly pretentious sacks of garbage!

10 Answers

  • 4 years ago
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    I wouldn't. There are other ways to correct the dog other than a light tap.

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  • 4 years ago

    No. She's not disobedient, you just haven't corrected any poor behavior or taught her right from wrong, which is your responsibility.

    Perhaps seek professional help for yourself on how to train a dog properly.

    Highly unlikely she would ever come if you spank, wouldn't you run away too if you were spanked?

    Chasing her doesn't accomplish anything, she thinks it a game.

    Don't allow her on your bed or in your room, provide sufficient daily walks/elimination times outside every 1-2 hours, until trained, which is your responsibility not the dogs.

    She may know how to use the dogie door but obviously you haven't taught her to eliminate outside, by putting her on a leash and walking her until she relieves herself completely and praising her.

    Too late to "rush her outside" after the fact, you need catch her immediately. You can't correct any poor behavior unless caught in the act.

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  • 4 years ago

    It's not a good idea t make a habit of hitting or even patting a dog on the hip area.. it can lead to damage if this is something that's done all of the time.

    dogs do NOT understand a smack or slap... all it does is induce fear, does not teach them a thing.

    If you are trying to train your dog and she isn't respondiing, it's time to learn how to train your dog. This is what google and other search engines are for. Look up How To Train a Puppy, or Puppy Training, or How to Get My Puppy to Stop Biting, or How to Housebreak a Puppy -- or whatever you want to know about puppies and training.

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  • 4 years ago

    No. Because your not teaching your puppy anything. What do you think your dog is learning? It's your job to TRAIN the dog.

    There's so much info out there and it's so easy to access. Why don't you specify and tell us how your dog is misbehaving? Is your puppy not housebroken? If not, spanking isn't going to teach it to hold its pee. Is it that dog doesn't come back when called or doesn't respond to it's name?

    What's the problem specifically, that your resorting to hitting?

    edit: Ok, so your dog doesn't come when called. That's because of a few things...a) she hasn't been taught to respond to her name. B), she hasn't been taught to come when called and C) if you hit the dog when it does come back to you, you have taught your dog to never come to you again. Your dog runs because she thinks it's a game, you chase, she runs.

    If she pees on your bed or on the corner of your bed, then the dog needs to be crated when she can not be supervised. The dog should be sleeping in a crate next to your bed. Also, you take the dog out on leash, late before you go to bed, to make sure she's empty.

    This are all training issues and I can assure you, that hitting will teach the dog nothing. Since you claim your lawyer and that means you must have some money, why don't YOU enroll yourself AND the dog in a good AKC obedience training class, so you can learn to communicate and train the dog properly. Again, hitting doesn't teach your dog a dang thing, other than not to trust you.

    Lastly, your have PUPPY. Puppies do not come trained, thats YOUR job.

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  • 4 years ago

    No. Spanking teaches the dog that you will hurt/scare it and it will NEVER associate the spanking with whatever you are punishing it for.

    Google and read up on positive training.

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  • 4 years ago

    No, it is NOT okay to spank a dog but most especially NOT a PUPPY. All you are doing is VENTING your FRUSTRATION or ANGER on it and teaching it to become AFRAID Of YOU.... or at the very least, causing it to become "hand-shy". Hitting a PUPPY is DOG ABUSE.

    If you are this clueless about: puppy-proofing the home, carefully containing or watching the puppy, as well as how to train the puppy, enroll ASAP in a puppy kindergarten or basic beginner class, or hire a trainer to come TO your home = to address specific issues. OR you can re-home the puppy and everybody might breath a SIGH of relief.

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  • 4 years ago

    The best way I have found to discipline a dog is not with impact, (Don't hit) but with sound. Slap a newspaper on your palm, It's a loud noise with no pain. That is what you want to get your dogs attention. Swat your do with a paper and he will understand he has done wrong, with no damage

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  • 4 years ago

    If you're abusing your dog then that's bad

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  • 4 years ago's your dog....people say there are better ways to handle it....i smack my dogs on the butt when they do something could probably redirect them using a treat or training...but some dogs are more stubborn then that....not everyone can be a wprld class in my opinion i dont think theres anything wrong with spanking on the butt...not too hard though! Lol

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Most people would say that's okay. Are you an adult, by chance?

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