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Do Navy Seabees get deployed on ship duty?

My husband is joining the Navy Seabees as a Steelworker. Our daughters and I will be moving onto base with him, so I have several questions I'd like answered before we pack up and move half way across the country.

1. Will we be able to live with him or at least see him during his 3 month 'A' School in Missouri?

2. Once enlisted, how often will he be home after work every night?

3. Do seabees do Ship Duty? And if they do, how long are the rotations?

4. If he gets stationed over seas on deployment, will our family be able to move with him?

I've heard of people saying they were stationed at their first home base in Missouri for 3 years without being deployed.

Then I've also heard of seabees doing 6 months deployment and 10 months at home..

Someone please help me get answers.

Thank you!

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  • 4 years ago
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    1- He'll be going to Gulfport, MS for 51 days, then to either his battalion (Gulfport if he lives east of the Mississippi or Port Hyneme, CA if west of it) so you won't live with him.

    2- When he's in home port, usually every night except when he has duty or field training (FEX)

    3- There are two ACBs that travel with Marine MEUs (but your husband will probably end up in an NMCB)

    4- When he's deployed, you stay there because he'll be coming back- PCS is where you move with him (But he'll probably spend his entire first enlistment with his Battalion).

    He's an SW-he won't have anything to do with Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

    When I was in the deployments were ore-or-less about 7 months out and 7 months back.

    To get to know what it's like a little- here's my old battalions FB page-

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  • Mrsjvb
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    1: absolutely NOT

    2: that will depend entirely on his duty station, and actual job. it could be every night, or he could be TAD or on Duty every other day.

    3: not as such. but what can happen is they get sent overseas for six months at a time and will have to ride a ship to get there. or they can deploy on a ship for 8-10 months in one go.

    4: only if he is an E4 or above. and even then, not always.

    CBs deploy a LOT. they can spend just as much time away from home( 300 days) a year as some ships do.

    as for moving on to base: not necessarily. base housing waiting lists can be a year long. far mor likely is him having to get a place in town using BAH.

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