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Need some more fantasy football opinions please?

Looking at drafting a WR or RB in the first few rounds in a 2 QB PPR league. Not sure of my position yet till next week so I just may play what the draft gives me depending.

With that being said what do you all think of these select RBS and the different scenarios?

1. the draft position of Elliott, in the top 10 overall? He talented no doubt but I still have some questions. I ve seen him drafted in round 1 around pick 6-10.

2. Is Doug Martin worth the risk this year with Sims around? I liked Sims a lot last year.

3. The Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry situation, who do you like more?

4. Are you a fan of CJ Anderson, or any Broncos this year, given the QB turn over? Anderson burned me last year, not sure if I trust him.

5. The Raiders RB situation with Murray and DeAndre Washington, who do you like more?

6. Do you trust Thomas Rawls heading into this season?

Just trying to gather opinions as I prep, I all post about specifics with my draft position once I know next week

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    What the heck, I'll play.

    1. I would never take Elliot in the first round. With very early picks, risk is as important as reward, and a rookie always poses risk.

    2. Martin should have another great season, but there are others ahead of him. Sims may steal some carries, but this is still a run first offense.

    3. Not sure on this. The Titans do have great run support, and Murray could surprise people. But I'd not take him as a 1st rounder.

    4. Yes to CJ. They're paying him like a 3 down back, and Kubiak knows what to do with these guys. (Arian Foster).

    5. Murray by a mile. The preseason buzz on Washington had to do with him climbing the depth chart to be Murray's backup.

    6. I'm not sure on this one. I think he'll be taken sooner than I'd do it, because there are guys like Lamar Miller, Eddy Lacy, Arian Foster, etc who are locked into feature back roles and I'd take sooner.

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