How would you think or feel if someone you knew totally dropped you?

How would you feel or think if a girlfriend/boyfriend, close friend or even someone who you met recently and connected with (which is my case) and they just dropped you, totally blanked you without any reason or a goodbye. How would you feel or think?


I'm just trying to make logic from it.....that's all.

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    4 years ago
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    You RARELY find out why you were dumped. The reason you don't know is because the person lacks the emotional courage TO tell you. And it happens at least once to just about everyone on this planet.

    I would be hurt.

    I would not know why they did this.

    I would feel that their action proved that I was indeed NOT worthy or lovable, and would cry.

    For a while.

    Then I would pick myself back up and get on with my life. No sense crying TOO long over stuff you cannot change. And the more you resist your pain, the more it hurts. So you just relax with it. Without dwelling on it .... because the more you dwell on it, the more you run your "stories" about them through your head, the more you THINK you "need" to know why they dropped you .. the stronger you make your patterns in your brain that do NOT let go and move on.

    You don't need t know why they dropped you. Knowing will not give you the tools to get them back, and knowing will not change the reality that you have been dumped.

    Forget about the "logic". ALL that does is feed your attachment, so that you will hurt for longer and find it harder to move on.

    Emotions are NOT logical, and it is emotions that make someone dump someone else. You never WILL figure it out, and it is not something you can "fix" so knowing what you did wrong - IF you did something wrong at all - makes no difference to the outcome.

    Sometimes infatuation and friendship just die .. no reason, and the other person themselves doesn't even know why.

    Wanting to know why . is just an excuse to NOT let go and get over it.

    So I would accept that I had been dumped, and stp feeding my pain by dwelling on it. I would move on.

    Yes, I was dumped by a fiancé. Yes, I had a marriage (someone else) that broke up after 15 years.

    I know how to quickly get over a breakup.

  • Kaylee
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    4 years ago

    Would I be upset yes, but I would definitely move on from it because they're plenty of people hat could replace the persons spot

  • I would think that they had some reason for wanting to get to know me, and I wasn't "what they were looking for," so they stopped talking to me.

    I wouldn't let it bother you. I'd rather have someone who likes me for me, than to use me until they get what they want and throw me away like garbage.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    par for the course. c'est la vie. move on.

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  • 4 years ago

    ask for help

    dont hit

    dont insult

    and u should study the word sorry

    for your health

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