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How can I find a list of conditions that are protected by the ADA, AMericans with Disabilities Act?


I lost my license for medical reasons out of my control. NOT alcohol drugs. But I want it back@

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    There is no list. There are simply criterias.

    1. You have a disability that impairs your ability to function.

    2. You have a relationship with a person with a disability and you are treated as if you too had a disability because of it.

    3. You are perceived to have a disability, even when you do not.

    4. You report violations of the ADA.

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  • 4 years ago

    Losing your license for a medical reason is pretty cut and dry, there's not much subjectivity involved. The reason for is is that if you were to have a foreseeable medical problem whilst behind the wheel it could very easily affect other people, not just you. That's a liability, if something like that were to happen, and the state was found liable for allowing you a license when you shouldn't have had one, it could cost them millions. I don't think the ADA would apply in your situation.

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