What can i use instead of golden syrup in carmel popcorn? Or could i make them without the syrup? Pls leave a recepie if you can :) thnx.?

I made them with sugar butter and water but with LITERALLY no exact measurements they tastef great but were too sticky and toffee-ish . I want to make them crispy . And yes only for 1-2 servings.

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  • 4 years ago
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    you need to boil your mixture to hard ball or hard crack stage. I think your recipe simply didn't get boiled long enough.

    did you know that you should bake caramel corn after the syrup is poured over it?

    AND the reason people use syrup instead of sugar and water is to shorten the cooking time as there is less water to boil away then when you use sugar and water.

    simply google "caramel popcorn using sugar instead of syrup" all sorts of recipes and ideas pop up.

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