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Can't get Windows Search to find files on secondary HDD in Windows 10?


I have been trying for days to get my HDD to come up in Windows Search. It appears in Windows Explorer just fine and in programs, diskpart, BIOS, etc. just fine. The "Search Windows" simply doesn't find anything on it.

I have already done the following:

-rebuilt the index countless times with the drive letter selected or deselected

-re-formatted the HDD in Disk Management

-used diskpart to clean the disk and initialized to GPT or MBR

-Changed permissions on the disk

Update 2:

-Switched the drive letter to D:, S:, and others

The computer I'm running is:

-MSI B150M Mortar Motherboard


-Samsung EVO 250GB SSD (Boot Disk)

-WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM HDD (disk I'm trying to get to index)


-GTX 1060

-running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (a legit copy)

I recently upgraded to the newest version C.6 BIOS, which didn't make a difference.

The hard drive is basically new and has been error checked many times. I'm 99% sure none of my drives are faulty.

Update 3:

Copying the same files from the HDD to my SSD makes them pop up in the search instantly.

And I've heard of the Everything Search Engine, which is fine and all, but I want Windows Search to be working.

Any suggestions on how to get it to show up? Thanks.

(I had to put all of the details in these Updates because Yahoo wasn't letting me post the original details for some reason.)

Update 4:

Actually, it turns out that Windows IS indexing the items on the HDD, as the number of indexed items gets larger when it is selected and smaller when it isn't selected.

However, I cannot access all of those indexed items in the Windows Search.

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    it looks like an issue with permissions and ownership. any drive formatted NTFS will need proper credentials, so YOU logged in must be ONE of the USERS who has the right permissions. there is an example of how to fix it on MS site, not sure if it works, but it sounds right to me, just another step closer to total domination by MS. ** if YOU are not an ADMIN then that would be why because YOU by default are numpty level and that gets applied to anything YOU create.

    • Seth4 years agoReport

      I've tried changing the owner, the individual permissions, everything I can find from people online. I just reinstalled Windows 10 again without it getting any better, even though I made sure to use "clean all" in diskpart for both my SSD and HDD before doing the install.

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