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Can I get a Tetanus infection even if I ve had my shots?

I m 18 years old and have had all my tetanus shots. Even recently got my rabies vaccination which included a Tetanus shot. I occasionally get scratched by my large monitor lizards and all of the superficial wounds are washed. I also suffer from several anxiety disorders and often get many scary symptoms during a flare up .Well since yesterday I ve had a tight jaw and and uncomfortable feeling around it. Is this TMJ? Or beginning signs of tetanus? I know my anxiety causes me tense muscles but I need a second opinion


The Rabies shots came with an immune globulin shot. Not sure if that helps me now

That was 2 months ago

Update 2:

Got my rabies shots from a bat bite 2 months ago .I had all my shots for it . Anyway my last tetanus shot i think was about 5-6 years ago. Am I still protected? If so is tmj causing my reoccurring jaw fatigue and stiffness?

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  • 4 years ago
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    No you can't. Here's how Tetanus works. Tetanus is what's called an anaerobic bacteria.... that means it can't produce it's toxin unless it is in an environment where there is no oxygen. The bacteria is all over the place... it's in dirt, it's on vegetables... it does no harm. BUT when you take away all the air, it produces a toxin. The toxi is what makes you sick. You can't get a tetanus infection from scratch because there is air around it... it is only puncture wounds that you have to worry about because then the bacteria gets inserted into your body where there is no air and then it starts producing the toxin and that's when you get sick. If you do not have a puncture wound and you had a recent immunization then you have virtually o chance of getting tetanus. Why on earth did you get a rabies shot? It's not a normal vaccination unless there is a specific reason to have it.... Also, it doesn't with a tetanus shot.... that would be 2 different shots.

    Edit - Immune Globulin is just a type of vaccine. A normal vaccine injects dead (or weakened) viruses into you so that your body can make its own immunity.... Immune globulin vaccines inject antibodies into you that can fight an infection immediately. Your body normally takes about 2 weeks to develop antibodies by itself so if you are very ill they will take those antibodies from someone who is immune and injects you with those. They have immune globulin for all sorts of different diseases.... not just tetanus and they wouldn't give it to you as a preventative as it provides you with no natural immunity..... If you were bit by an animal that might carry rabies then they would give you a series of 4 rabies vaccinations and maybe immune globulin for rabies... I would need to know why you were given a rabies vaccine...

    Edit #2 - They say a Tetanus shot is good for 10 years but that if you have a puncture wound or deep laceration more than 5 years from your last Tetanus immunization that you should get another just to be on the safe side.

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  • 4 years ago

    No, you are not going to get rabies or tetanus. If your monitor scratches get infected and don't respond to home treatment, then you go to the doctor to get the infection treated, even tho it's not tetanus.

    There are any number of causes for a tense jaw; and anxiety is one of the biggest.

    So anxiety is my first guess.

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  • O.o
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    4 years ago

    No, i dont think so. I've never heard of someone getting tetanus with such a recent shot.

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