Doesn't Amazon have a way to contact their own delivery drivers when they failed to deliver to the correct address minutes earlier?

I ordered 2 items sold/fulfilled by Amazon and 2 items sold by others, but fulfilled by Amazon (free shipping) as a favor for someone in California. It shipped from Phoenix with Amazon's own delivery service and last I knew was in Buena Park, CA 1:13 AM Sat. Never had any problem delivering her orders or my orders to same address several times recently.

It was scheduled Sunday by 8 PM, but Saturday 12:13 PM I got text that it was delivered. No sign of it anywhere at destination. Intended recipient did receive a phone call at that time, but just dead silence (maybe robo call gone bad), and when she called back, it was an Amazon 206 area code number that could not receive calls.

I called Amazon and they re-entered an order no charge for the 2 items sold by Amazon, but only gave me credit for the 2 items sold by others. They were going to "try" to find the package apparently delivered to wrong address, but no word yet a day later. The 2 items being reshipped are scheduled Sunday (today) by 9 PM, but still "Preparing for Shipment", so hopefully will arrive Monday because the gate is closed after 5 PM today and the little old lady is afraid to answer the door at night. Now she is going to be missing 2 items.

Doesn't Amazon have a way to contact drivers in their own logistic service if they apparently delivered to the wrong address minutes earlier? If they hire drivers who do not deliver, their reputation will suffer.

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  • Dash
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Amazon does not have their own delivery drivers. They use UPS, USPS, FedEx, or other delivery services. Amazon can not contact the drivers directly.

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