What should I be this Halloween ? I m a 14 year old girl....last year I just wore a black hoodie and a book bag and said screw it ╮(╯▽╰)╭?

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    -See if your friends want to do a group costume

    -Put a black shirt and pants on and draw whiskers. You're a cat.

    -Do something you did a few years ago and say "Throw back Halloween"

    -Try something you have never seen before as a trick or treater. (My friend went out as a skunk last year)

    -Do something crazy (a poop emoji!!!)

    -Do something original (a hobo!)

    -Do something really crazy (a toilet idk)

    -Have you be a superhero and your friend be a villain and chase him/her around the block screaming "I'll get you this time (villain name)"

    "You won't escape (superhero name)" "Get back here" "You can run but you can't hide" "Stop trying to run away you are still gonna lose!" Or vice versa.

    -Do something SUPER CRAZY (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PRn2LTKIx_0)

    -Do something cute then add fake blood all over (ex a my little pony costume with blood on the hands, mouth and mane and add tears in the costume and then pick up a fake chainsaw and scare some lil kids)

    Enjoy these suggestions!

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    Depends on whether you want to buy or make your costume. This is my favorite site for getting ideas of making your own costumes. Look up anything and you can see how others did it.


    If you want to do something easy, you can just get animal ears or fairy wings and wear with your own clothes. If you want a full costume, check out some of these sites for ideas and browse around:




    You can probably find Party City near where you live if you're in the States. Go inside for ideas. Have fun!

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    Dress up as someone you know. Steal their style for the night.

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