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What would you name this classic named family?

Surname: Maguire, Porter, Jefferson, Freeman, Brigham

Paternal Grandma: Abigail, Belle, Catherine, Dorothy, Edith

Paternal Grandpa: Abraham, Bradley, Chester, David, Emmett

Maternal Grandma: Agatha, Beatrice, Clara, Delilah, Eleanor

Paternal Grandpa: Alexander, Brock, Colin, Daniel, Elijah

Mom: Amelia, Alice, Cynthia, Daphne, Eloise

Dad: Franklin, George, Harrison, Jacob, Laurence

Daughter 1: Emma, Felicity, Gail, Helen, Ida

Son 1: Griffin, Henry, James, Leo, Maxwell

Son 2: Joseph, Lane, Michael, Neil, Philip

Daughter 2: Ellen, Genevieve, Hazel, Judith, Lillian

Daughter 3: Evelyn, Gretchen, Holly, Josephine, Lydia

Daughter 4: Lucy, Mabel, Norah, Olivia, Phoebe

Daughter 5: Madeline, Naomi, Penelope, Rachel, Stella

Son 3: Mason, Nicholas, Pierce, Owen, Quinton

Son 4: Reid, Silas, Theodore, Vincent, William

Son 5: Samuel, Thomas, Vaughn, Wesley, Wade

Daughter 6: Ruby, Sadie, Vivienne, Rebecca, Melanie

Son 6: Sebastian, Thaddeus, Tristan, Wyatt, Mack



Catherine Abigail Brigham + Bradley Abraham Brigham

Clara Delilah Porter + Elijah Colin Porter

Eloise Amelia Brigham-Porter + Harrison Jacob Porter

Emma Felicity Porter

James Maxwell Porter

Neil Lane Porter

Lillian Genevieve Porter

Lydia Josephine Porter

Norah Olivia Porter

Stella Madeline Porter

Mason Owen Porter

Silas Reid Porter

Wesley Samuel Porter

Vivienne Sadie Porter

Wyatt Tristan Porter

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    Abigail Catherine Porter

    David Bradley Porter

    Eleanor Clara Brigham

    Daniel Alexander Brigham

    Alice Amelia (Brigham) & George Jacob Porter

    Ida Gail Portet

    Henry James Porter

    Neil Joseph Porter

    Hazel Judith Porter

    Josephine Holly Porter

    Olivia Lucy Porter

    Naomi Stella Porter

    Owen Nicholas Porter

    Silas William Porter

    Thomas Wade Porter

    Sadie Rebecca Porter

    Wyatt Sebastian Porter

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    Surname: Brigham

    Paternal Grandma: Abigail Edith

    Paternal Grandpa: Emmett Abraham

    Maternal Grandma: Delilah Eleanor

    Paternal Grandpa: Alexander Elijah

    Mom: Amelia Eloise

    Dad: Jacob Laurence

    Daughter 1: Emma Ida

    Son 1: Griffin James

    Son 2: Michael Philip

    Daughter 2: Genevieve Judith

    Daughter 3: Lydia Gretchen

    Daughter 4: Olivia Mabel

    Daughter 5: Rachel Penelope

    Son 3: Nicholas Owen

    Son 4: William Reid

    Son 5: Thomas Wesley

    Daughter 6: Ruby Rebecca

    Son 6: Sebastian Wyatt

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    PG-Edith Catherine (Nee Maguire)-71

    PG-Abraham David Porter-73

    MG-Delilah Beatrice (Nee Freeman)-69

    MG-Elijah Colin Jefferson-72

    Daphne Amelia (Nee Jefferson)-49

    Franklin George Porter-50

    Felicity Helen Porter-20

    Henry James Porter-18

    Michael Philip Porter-16

    Judith Helen Porter-15

    Josephine Gretchen Porter-12

    Phoebe Olivia Porter-10

    Madeline Naomi Porter-8

    Mason Pirece Porter-6

    Vincent Theodore Porter-4

    Ruby Vivianne Porter-2

    Sebastian Wyatt Porter-6 months

    'Edie (E-Dee), Abe, De, Eli, Daph, Frank, Licie, Harry, Mikey, Judy, Josie, Phoebs, Maddie, Mace, Vinnie, Roo, Seb'

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    Catherine Edith Freeman nee Porter

    Abraham David Freeman

    Beatrice Eleanor Jefferson nee Maguire

    Alexander Colin Jefferson

    Alice Cynthia Freeman nee Jefferson

    Jacob Franklin Freeman

    Emma Gail Freeman

    Leo James Freeman

    Neil Michael Freeman

    Lillian Hazel Freeman

    Evelyn Josephine Freeman

    Phoebe Mabel Freeman

    Madeline Rachel Freeman

    Mason Nicholas Freeman

    Vincent Theodore Freeman

    Wade Thomas Freeman

    Rebecca Melanie Freeman

    Sebastian Wyatt Freeman

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  • EmCee
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    Catherine Edith Maguire

    Abraham Emmett Maguire

    Eleanor Beatrice Freeman

    Colin Alexander Freeman

    Amelia Eloise (Freeman) Maguire

    George Harrison Maguire

    Felicity Ida Maguire

    Griffin Henry Maguire

    Lane Joseph Maguire

    Hazel Genevieve Maguire

    Josephine Lydia Maguire

    Norah Lucy Maguire

    Penelope Stella Maguire

    Nicholas Pierce Maguire

    Theodore Reid Maguire

    Samuel Wesley Maguire

    Vivienne Ruby Maguire

    Sebastian Thaddeus Maguire

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  • Helen
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    4 years ago

    Paternal Grandma: Dorothy Freeman

    Paternal: Grandpa: David Freeman

    Maternal Grandma: Eleanor Brigham

    Maternal Grandpa: Alexander Brigham

    Mom: Alice Freeman

    Dad: Laurence Freeman

    Daughter 1: Helen Freeman

    Son 1: James Freeman

    Son 2: Michael Freeman

    Daughter 2: Hazel Freeman

    Daughter 3: Lydia Freeman

    Daughter 4: Lucy Freeman

    Daughter 5: Rachel Freeman

    Son 3: Nicholas Freeman

    Son 4: William Freeman

    Son 5: Thomas Freeman

    Daughter 6: Rebecca Freeman

    Son 6: Sebastian Freeman

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  • 4 years ago

    - The Porter Family -

    P. Grandma: Catherine Edith Porter

    P. Grandpa: David Bradley Porter

    M. Grandma: Clara Eleanor Brigham

    M. Grandpa: Daniel Alexander Brigham

    Mother: Eloise Amelia Brigham-Porter

    Father: Harrison Laurence Porter

    • Emma Felicity Porter

    • Henry Maxwell Porter

    • Philip Joseph Porter

    • Lillian Genevieve Porter

    • Evelyn Josephine Porter

    • Lucy Olivia Porter

    • Madeline Stella Porter

    • Quinton Nicholas Porter

    • Theodore William Porter

    • Samuel Thomas Porter

    • Ruby Vivienne Porter

    • Mack Sebastian Porter

    "Eloise, Harrison, Emma, Henry, Philip, Lily, Evelyn, Lucy, Madeline, Quinton, Teddy, Samuel, Ruby & Mack Porter"

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  • 4 years ago

    Abigail Catherine Jefferson "Abby"

    Bradley David Jefferson "Brad"

    Clara Eleanor Maguire

    Alexander Daniel Maguire

    Amelia Daphne Jefferson "Amy"

    George Laurence Jefferson

    Emma Ida Jefferson "Em"

    Maxwell Henry Jefferson "Max"

    Michael Phillip Jefferson "Mikey"

    Lillian Genevieve Jefferson "Lilli"

    Olivia Lucy Jefferson "Liv"

    Madeline Penelope Jefferson "Maddie"

    Nicholas Mason Jefferson "Nick"

    William Vincent Jefferson "Will"

    Samuel Thomas Jefferson "Sam"

    Rebecca Vivienne Jefferson "Becca"

    Sebastian Tristan Jefferson "Seb"

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  • 4 years ago

    Edith Belle Maguire, age 68

    David Bradley Maguire, age 70 "Dave"

    Beatrice Eleanor Jefferson, age 69 "Bea"

    Alexander Elijah Jefferson, age 72 "Alex"

    Cynthia Eloise Maguire, age 43 (née Jefferson) "Thia"

    Jacob Harrison Maguire, age 45 "Jake"

    Gail Felicity Maguire, age 14

    Henry James Maguire, age 13

    Neil Michael Maguire, age 12

    Lillian Genevieve Maguire, age 11 "Lilly"

    Holly Evelyn Maguire, age 10

    Phoebe Olivia Maguire, age 8 "Phoeb"

    Madeline Penelope Maguire, age 7 "Maddie"

    Owen Nicholas Maguire, age 6 "Owe"

    William Theodore Maguire, age 5 "Will"

    Wesley Samuel Maguire, age 4 "Wes"

    Ruby Vivienne Maguire, age 2

    Wyatt Sebastian Maguire, age 1 "Wy"

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      You missed your calling !

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    4th family : Kadarshians

    5th family : Saiyans

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