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Do USA taxpayers pay for USA Olympic uniforms?

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  • James
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    3 years ago
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    No. The USOC is a non-profit corporation and does not receive any government funding.

    Its primary sources of funding are corporate sponsorship and a portion of the broadcast rights fees the IOC receives from US broadcasters.

    Prior to the growth of sponsorship in the 1980's, a large portion of the US team's funds were charitable donations from the public. There used to be fundraising campaigns on TV you could get a US Olympic Team patch or pin for a "gift" of $25 or $50.

  • Louis
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    3 years ago

    Not anymore. The Olympics generate billions in revenue. The American teams now get sponsors that pays for their equipment. A few years back the speed skating team was at risk for not having enough sponsors to pay for their expenses so Stephen Colbert started a fund-raised that covered the costs. But no, there are no tax subsidies for the Olympic team ever since we moved away from the 'amateur only' style of eligibility.

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    Thanks for answering! I read an article about how the USA woman's gymnast uniforms cost $1,200 each and they each get 20 uniforms. That's $24,000 per athlete just in uniforms. Seems a but excessive if tax payers are footing the bill, glad to hear its sponsored.

    • Fozzy
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      Note - they would RETAIL for $1200, which means they probably had them made for a few hundred bucks. Not sure where they came up with each athlete getting 24 of them - I'd love to see a link to where you read that.

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    Unless the US team has a sponsor, the taxpayer is on the hook.

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