Which Samsung phone is this?

Just ordered the Samsung Galaxy J7 and was looking for a case for it before it arrives. Unfortunately, I didn t realize there were two different models, one from 2015 and one from 2016, and that the cases for one don t fit the other.

The one I ordered from Boost Mobile didn t specify which it was, but here s the link:


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  • 4 years ago

    That's the 2015 model shown and spec'd

    -The 2016 model has the flash and rear speaker on opposite sides of the camera

    -The flash and speaker are differently shaped on the 2 versions

    -The 2016 model has a 3300Mah battery

    -The US version of the 2016 model has a 1.6GHz processor, the 2015 US version has a 1.4GHz processor, the 2016 Korean model has an 1.6GHz processor, the 2015 Korean version has a 1.5GHz processor

    -The 2015 model is around 3.10" wide, the 2016 version is 3.00" wide

    -The 2015 is rated for 18 hours of talk time, the 2016 is rated for 23 hours

    Incoherent specs:

    -Both support Bluetooth 4.1, but 4.1 is a firmware update, not a hardware one

    -The 2015 version should only have 1.5GB of RAM, but Boost claims it has 2GB

    -The 2016 version weighs 6oz, the 2015 version weighs 6.03oz

    -The 2015 version ships with Android 5.1, but it may have been factory upgraded

    There's also a chance that Boost may send you the 2016 version, as they don't have the 2015 and 2016 version listed separately.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you may have to remove the back of the phone to look at the serial # then look on the samsung site to get the model #

  • 4 years ago

    That looks like the new one that just came out in 2016

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