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I'm in a Long Distance Relationship and we are 8 hour time difference, he is employed and I'm set to work in September. Help?

Me and my Boyfriend are in a Long distance relationship and have been for 5 months, friends for 18months.

We both have an 8 hour time zone difference, he is LA and I'm UK. We plan on him coming here next July.

The issue we are having is he is already employed and I was out of work, so it was easy for us to talk since I could sleep will late after noon and then wait for him.

Now I am set to work in September and I have no idea how we will keep us together.

It will work like this.

I start at 9 and finish at 5.

When I finish at 5 he starts work.

He won't finish until 11pm UK time. Where as I'd need sleep for my next shift.

Call me crazy but I really like him, well I love him.

We have already said that I could finish, come home, get food and shower then rest until 11pm and then speak for a little and he would nap with me until I start work again.

I like the idea and I'm sure it could work out but is there any other things we could do to keep it alive while we both do our jobs ? He tells me he loves me and he won't let me fall, he really keep my hopes alive and my inspiration bright.

Don't suggest breaking up because we are not going to, we just want some ideas to help the situation.

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  • Hope!
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    4 years ago
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    you must have days off - I would just invest my energy in working all week, then plan to call and talk for long periods of time, on our days off

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  • 4 years ago

    long distance is stupid and pointless

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