Spain lost, Serbia won by around 20, Lithuania almost lost, USA routed China by 57.?

Why do people continuously make excuses for other teams? As if there's any chance? I sincerely think they should make a consolation tournament, excluding USA, so other teams can battle for 2nd place all time. FIBA cheats too, and they still can't beat USA. Is this the end of international basketball?

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    4 years ago
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    Kind of a ridiculous question. No, it's not the end of international basketball. What will be interesting to see is if NBA players continue to go to the Olympics in years to come, or if the USA team will become comprised of college players again. But there is no reason right now to believe that's going to change. It's still something that many elite NBA payers enjoy participating in. When those players grow weary of it, then you will see a change (assuming the IOC doesn't go back to banning professional athletes). I don't see that happening, though. It's become too much of a fan favorite at the Olympics, and once the cat is out of the bag, it's very difficult to step backwards again.

  • alesia
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    3 years ago

    Maybe it is good

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