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Robots replacing soldiers by 2030??? but I want to become a soldier??

I don't feel like working with robots during war, I don't trust them, they can get me killed during war. I mean, I know my life wont be long because I might not come back home which is fine with me. I did my job. But I don't feel like working with robots or for robots to do my job... What do you think?/

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  • Daniel
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    That's 14 years from now. Not gonna happen.

    Here's a short lesson on the DoD acquisition system.

    Look at the F-35. A manned jet fighter. A lot more advanced, but not all that different than an F-4 that rolled off the assembly line over 50 years ago. The program to develop and procure that plane was started in the early 1990s. Now, over 20 years later, the Air Force JUST declared the F-35A to be IOC. It will probably be a couple more years before it reaches FOC, and years after that before the services have all of the planes in the initial buy.

    There is currently no program to develop and procure robot soldiers.

    There is currently nothing out there that is even close to being a robot soldier.

    Given all the above, it will probably be 50 years before you see any sort of robot soldier fielded.

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    I wonder what Ray Bradbury would have to say about this robotic soldier business? I don't buy into it at all. Just a bunch of metal dummies running around killing one another.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The robots will not be autonomous. There will be someone controlling it. Plus, there are certain things robots cannot do, like running up stairs. A simple latex balloon with paint in it may blind them.

  • 5 years ago

    May be , women opt child without intervention of man

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I think you have nothing to worry about where that's concerned

    volunteering to get shot at... there's an issue...

  • 5 years ago

    What you want is irrelevant.

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