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I have 3 years experience

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    You need to apply directly to each of the cruise lines that you would be interested in working for. Each cruise line has a link on its home web page to jobs, careers, employment opportunities. The links will give you specific requirements for the jobs.



    ROYAL CARIBBEAN: (this company actually does the hiring for Royal's photography positions)

    Holland America: Photography:

    Ocean Images (UK) Ltd.

    7 Home Farm Business Centre, Lockerley,

    Romsey, Hampshire

    SO51 0JT

    United Kingdom

    +44 (0)179 434 1818

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  • OC1999
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    4 years ago

    No one here can tell you the requirements for the position. Yes, we can tell you general requirements such as you will probably need 2 years experience in a related field and be 21 years old or older. Since you are in Photography, that would be things such as being a PAID photographer, or possibly volunteer work if you have something that was actually printed/published by the organization you can show. You may need to have various computer skills. Just taking "family" photos isn't going to cut it. But if there are any specific requirements those would be in the Job Description you are applying for.

    Just be sure that when you apply you go through the official agencies that do the hiring for each cruise line. You can find out which ones those are by going to the Jobs / Careers page of the cruise line you want to apply for.

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  • Den B7
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    4 years ago

    I'm guessing that you need more skills than just photography! Cruise lines don't need any full time 8 hours a day photographers. On formal nights you might find around 20 photographers roaming the decks for around 3 or 4 hours, but after that, those people go back to their regular crew jobs. Cruise lines usually scout talent like photography from within their regular crew compliment and offer bonus pay for participating on such occasions. So your photographer on formal night might be your electrical engineer or laundry folder later on in the day. About the only people on ships that are full-time, single field, specialists are, entertainers (and even some of those are crew members) and officers. Most crew members, multi-task.

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  • 4 years ago

    I'm not actually the cruise ship recruiter. You don't know the requirements for the job you're applying to? Weren't they in the job listing?

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  • Mrsjvb
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    4 years ago

    be at least 21 with 2 years full time experience. I am pretty sure that photographers are third party contractors. so you actually need to get hired by the people that the cruise lines employ. each lien maintains a website that has direct links to the process.

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