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What would you name this D family?

Surname: Drexel, Dillard, DiMuro, Donna

-- Dad --

first - Drew

middle - Sheldon, Ryan, Alexander, Chad

-- Mom --

first - Demi

middle - Bailey, Scarlett, Caroline, Taryn

-- Daughter --

first - Delaney

middle - Faith, Willow, Aryn, Kenna

-- Son --

first - Devon

middle - Kyle, Jesse, Brady, Grayson

-- Daughter --

first - Delilah

middle - Presley, Libby, Cora, Lyndsey

-- Son --

first - Declan

middle - Vaughn, Jayden, Brennen, Isaac

-- Son --

first - Dylan

middle - Aden, Marshall, Theodore, Jay

-- Triplet Son --

first - Dalton

middle - Hunter, Damon, Blake, Nash

-- Triplet Son --

first - Dallen

middle - Ethan, Tate, Lane, Dominic

-- Triplet Daughter --

first - Dallys

middle - Kayla, Tabitha, Harley, Kaydence



Drew Ryan DiMuro

Demi Caroline DiMuro

Delaney Kenna DiMuro

Devon Brady DiMuro

Delilah Presley DiMuro

Declan Isaac DiMuro

Dylan Aden DiMuro

Dalton Blake DiMuro

Dallen Lane DiMuro

Dallys Kaydence DiMuro

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  • Paula
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    5 years ago
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    Drew Alexander Dillard

    Demi Caroline Dillard

    Delaney Kenna Dillard

    Devon Brady Dillard

    Delilah Presley Dillard

    Declan Vaughn Dillard

    Dylan Theodore Dillard

    *Dalton Nash Dillard

    *Dallen Tate Dillard

    *Dallys Tabitha Dillard

  • Laney
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    5 years ago

    Drew Alexander Dillard

    Demi Caroline Dillard

    Delaney Faith Dillard

    Devon Jesse Dillard

    Delilah Libby Dillard

    Declan Isaac Dillard

    Dylan Marshall Dillard

    Dalton Blake Dillard (triplet son)

    Dallen Dominic Dillard (triplet son)

    Dallys Tabitha Dillard (triplet daughter)

  • !!
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    5 years ago

    Drew Ryan Donna + Demi Taryn Donna

    Delaney Aryn Donna

    Devon Brady Donna

    Delilah Libby Donna

    Declan Isaac Donna

    Dylan Jay Donna

    Dalton Hunter Donna, Dallen Dominic Donna + Dallys Kayla Donna

  • 5 years ago

    d d d d d, it's the one and only d o double g. Snoopdooooooog

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