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Are the Olympics a waste of money?

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    I mean, name ANY Olympic event record that cannot be easily beaten by some animal or other - excluding events that require special equipment only. Humans are simply not very efficient swimmers or runners or very strong.

    Loads of money is spent on building venues, but nearly everywhere post Games those venues fall into disrepair as the local population simply has no need of them and thus they don't generate enough income for the maintenance of those places. Which also applies to those soccer championships etcetera.

    And the current Olympics have very little to do with the original Games (even if you ignore the fact that they were MALE ONLY and the competitors all competed naked); the IOC frequently drops events and introduces other new ones. Not to mention how that NAKED thing would make some sense, in the light of things like that ban on full body swimsuits that lower drag (for the swimming events) and other measures that in effect limit what can be achieved; if everybody went naked then special personal equipment wouldn't be an issue.

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    from a strictly financial view yes they are

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