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Everything is going downhill?

I m 13 right now and I don t know what s wrong.

When I was about 8 or 9, I was really really pretty. I didn t think it but people always told me and people used to stop me in the street for it. Now, I look REALLY different and I m actually so ugly that it makes me feel depressed. Before I used to have a sharp chin and jawline, big bright eyes and a cute nose. Now, my face is long and round and I have a gigantic nose and tiny eyes. I have pimples and acne all over my face and a literal gold mine of blackheads on my nose. What happened? I know some of these are the effects of puberty, but how can my nose get bigger and my eyes get so much smaller? I don t have my sharp chin anymore and people even call me so ugly these days. Everyone is so surprised when I show them old pictures of myself and they ask "What happened?!" Yeah, what happened. It s not just that.

Everyday, at least one bad thing happens to me. Either I lose my train ticket or my wallet or I embarrass myself or I find out something that really upsets me. What s happening?

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    Oh man, sorry to hear that. Luck doesn't seem to be on your side! Changing the way you think will help. There's always something you can find that went wrong everyday, but there's also a dozen things you can find that went right! Why not focus on the positives?

    Going from conventionally pretty to ugly is hard. Being conventionally ugly your whole life is hard enough, but falling from pretty to ugly is even harder! Let me tell you something. I knew this girl who was not pretty at all. Quite ugly, actually. But she kept in shape and had great style. But that's not the important thing she did, what she did was have a beautiful soul and positive mindset. She was also intelligent and graceful. And everybody loved her! We could totally get over her looks because her heart and soul were breathtaking. And eventually, we just saw her as... her. People get used to strange faces, you know.

    And I knew this happy pretty girl who became rude and pessimistic. And the more rude and pessimistic she got, the uglier she looked. Her physical looks didn't change at all, yet somehow she just didn't seem as pretty.... She didn't have that sweet glow anymore. She didn't have the glimmer in her eyes anymore. Everything magical about her faded. But that not-so-pretty girl? Pure magic.

    I saw this girl on the bus and was immediately attracted to her. I wondered why because she looked very plain! She was just so irresistibly sexy to me. Then I realized: she was listening to some music and was just so into it. Her eyes were closed, she was smiling, and was just in the moment of the beat. And I could see her vulnerability, which made me love her even more. It was so beautiful. A girl living happily in the moment.

    No one's attracted to an ugly soul for long, just remember that. Physical beauty will attract, but the attraction will be hollow and not for long. I've seen this happen over and over again.

    Best of luck <3

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    Its okay. Puberty is happening. Just wait it out, and you'll be back to normal

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    If yo earn lot of good-will everyday, it will go in reverse direction.

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